Saturday, November 22, 2014


* NOTE: Mainstay 2400 calorie bars temporarily out of stock - more arriving soon! *


All Mainstay food and water now has a best by date of OCTOBER 2018

We now have new stock of the popular ARK III survival kit and cases of Mainstay water

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2 case deal back for a limited time!

Any 2 cases of Mainstay for $250 shipping and GST included!


FREE Australia wide delivery and GST included in all purchases

All orders are shipped within 48 hours of payment

No questions asked Money Back Guarantee


Click here  -->>YOUTUBE Review by OZZIEREVIEWS on the Mainstay range



Preparing your family with long term Mainstay food and water supplies may be the smartest thing you ever did.





Awesome Product - LifeStraw®

LifeStraw® Personal, simply known as LifeStraw®, is a portable water purifier created for prevention of common waterborne diarrhoeal diseases.  This small tube can be carried around to create easy access to safe and clean drinking water.  For domestic use LifeStraw® is perfect when camping, traveling, or working or playing outdoors.  No power or moving parts - designed for tough outdoor conditions.  Perfect for humanitarian work and overseas travel it is robust, requires basic care, no maintenance and is very cost effective.  For more information please see our shop section.







Lifestraw Family now available in the shop




2014 is the year to finally put together that survival kit.

People insure almost everything  and for under $100 dollars you can get the best insurance yet by kitting yourself out with some of the awesome Mainstay survival kits we have currently on special in the store.

HUGE savings on bulk packs of Mainstay 1200/2400 and 3600 survival bars all with a best before date of OCTOBER 2018!

Couple this with a copy of the SAS survival guide (check it out in the book review section) and you will have everything on hand to get you through at least the first 3 days of a challenging situation.

Preparing for disaster in 2013 with Mainstay 5 year shelf life food and water products means you are covered up until 2018!

Good luck and stay safe!

Survival Storehouse team





The Ark III is a personal-sized survival package that supports one person for up to three days. Each ARK III includes a "space blanket", plus a three-day supply of food and water.  Easily stored in a classroom, locker, desk or car, the compact ARK III can be used anywhere.



Tens of thousands of these units have sold in the US, and the ARK III’s colourful packaging makes it popular for gift-giving occasions.  Low priced, long shelf life and high quality — there’s nothing like it!


Read Article -  Survivor Industries wins emergency food taste test.


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"Wow great kit at a great price - Thanks Guys!" - Steven Hill, Darwin

"Great Service and SurvivalStoreHouse understand the meaning of customer service" - Lisa Hiles, Perth

"Thanks Mark - I didnt realise we could get this in Australia" - Greg, Sydney

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